Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas MONDAY: THE UGG

You may have noticed  people around your local town or city sporting the UGG, also referred to as the "anti-fashion" Australian boot. 

When you stop to think about it, UGG is probably SHORT FOR UGGLY!!!, or better yet FUGGLY!!!!!..........which is exactly what they are.  Uggs are shapeless and flat-bottomed boots with fleece inside, suede outside. It's a mystery to me why AUSTRALIANS would create a fashion boot fit for the arctic tundra. Eskimos maybe, but not the suntanned Aussies. There is absolutely nothing flattering about Uggs.  When worn with jeans tucked into the boot, they help give one the appearance of having bloated feet. When accompanying a skirt, they make peoples legs seem short and stocky. What is good about the Ugg?   

What was Ms. Parker thinking.........Totally not Sex in the City!......more like NO Sex in the City!!!

In order to be fair, I asked girls who own a pair to tell me why they are so fabulous. One girl elaborated on the fact that they are comfortable. I added, "So are sweatpants." to which she said, "Oh I know!" Look back at past fads. There are many fashion indiscretions that will make you shudder. Think giant shoulder pads, teased bangs and stretch pants. Too young to have a personal memory of the 1980s?  How about the extreme flair jeans, wide leg pants, Spice-Girls shoes and the Grunge movement of the 1990s?  What made us think that we were hot stuff, when later we hide those awful pictures of trends gone wrong?     
UGGS MUST GO!!!!......
Perhaps the ladies around here are blinded by the comfort and versatility of these hideous shoes. The men however are not. A quick poll of males here in the city of ATL concluded that many share my opinion. "They are nasty but, uh, whatever I guess."
So LADIES....switch out this unattractive boots for something with a little more stylish!!!

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