Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Design Inspiration: My Love AFFAIR of Turquoise & Orange


Turquoise and orange is certainly a cheery pairing, one that I absolutely love love love! It  can be used in so many different design styles, as you can see from the huge range of rooms above. Whenever I see it though, I automatically think of Howard Johnson's because of this quote by designer John Willey in House Beautiful: "Don't take this the wrong way, but that room reminds me of 1960s Howard Johnson's colors — that wonderfully intense orange and aqua — but modernized a bit. It's such a terrific vintage palette and I have to admit, I love orange."


Oprah Winfrey scored her best ratings in nearly six years with Monday’s show during which she revealed that she had a half-sister she never knew. WHAT!!.....LOL.... The broadcast averaged a 9.6 household rating (according to metered market weighted averages). That’s the highest episode since Winfrey’s post-Oscar party installment on February 28, 2005, according to Reuters.

Can YOU SEE A Resemblance??
Winfrey teased the big reveal on her show last Friday promising a “shocking family secret” that she said “literally shook me to the core.”

Winfrey’s younger half-sister Patricia was given up for adoption by Winfrey’s mother in 1963. At the time, Winfrey was living with her father and did not know her mother was pregnant. In the past, Winfrey has used her daytime show to reveal she was molested as a child and lost a baby at 14......OMG.....join the population OPRAH! are not the only one who has delt with CRAP......

Friday, January 28, 2011



Sometimes my kitchen resembles Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Ok most of you know that I love to cook  and how painful it has been for me, since I put myself on an ALL FRUIT AND VEGGIE DETOX DIET for the next week followed by a 3 day juice fast!......I needed to detox after all of the holiday festivities over December!!.......LOL..But i couldn't help myself. The past few days I've stitched food together (HEALTHY VEGAN FOOD) - chopped it, steamed it, sauteed it and then chunked it at the dog!!.....Unfortunately I CHEATED last night and made something....time-saving and DELICIOUS!...with minimal effort. As usual!!

I found a box of cornbread mix and the mad scientist / CHEF rose up in me. I'd used all the bacon for a pasta recipe i was making for my family on Thursday, but I found a package of *real* bacon bits in the fridge. I added a few chopped chives, a farm egg, and 2% milk.

Twenty minutes later, my experiment was ready. Nothing groundbreaking, but they were very good and at least I didn't catch the stove on fire........LOL.......don't laugh know i can cook!!  The bacon pieces worked better than pan fried bacon (no grease and the texture held together); the chives added a hint of onion.

SO HERE IS My Recipe!!!

Corn Muffins with Bacon and Chives

1 box Old Glory cornbread mix (or Jiffy, Martha White, etc.) - Preferably sweet corn bread
1/2 bag Hormel Real Bacon pieces
4 T chopped chives (fresh--and finely chopped)
1 jumbo egg
2% milk
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease muffin tins. Add milk and egg to mix. Spoon a layer, then add bacon and chives. Add another layer of cornbread batter. Gently stir each "cup."
Bake 20 minutes.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011



This is Taking Fashion to a NEW LEVEL.......Either you Love it or HATE it........So Much for pushing the envelope.........THIS Fashion has knocked over the whole dang mailbox!!!





GET IT JLO!.....LOVE HER!.....


Friday, January 21, 2011

Design Inspiration: Atlanta Loft - Milk & Honey


Can somebody please buy me this amazing loft near Atlanta? Please. I would pack my stuff up immediately and move here in a heart beat!!!   Extremely feminine, colored in “milk and honey”, with amazing vintage decoration. Simply adorable.

{the living room}

Perfect job by the stylist Thea BeasleyŃ€ featured in “Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles” magazine.

{the office}

{the kitchen / dining room}

{the bedroom}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DESIGN Inspiration: Total Dream Home - Neutral Palettes


I came across this MAG spread and it inspired me.
My total DREAM HOME. I have to admit this is probably something I think about every single day in one way or another. I might discover a fabric that would be perfect on a future breakfast room banquette or select a paint color for a client that I just adore and file away in the back of my mind for future use. This exercise proved to be both super challenging (how to narrow it down??) and super fun! The floor plan is what would be analyzed and perfected probably to the point of exhaustion for all parties involved! I like rooms. Rooms with four walls. I also really like to throw parties and socialize so the flow between spaces is critical.

{Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles via Things that Inspire - Betty Burgess, Designer}

For as long as I can remember I've dreamed about having an interior courtyard with a pool. We would still have a large yard behind the courtyard for the my dogs to play in of course!

Ideally the home would open up to a large foyer...
I love Windsor Smith's entry hall for several reasons. I adore checkerboard floors, and I especially like how she chose a blue/gray limestone in lieu of a black shiny marble or granite (don't get me wrong - I still love a black and white floor too). The soft gray tone of the floor really softens the look, but drama is still maintained with the black case goods and upholstered pieces. I also like that there are several walls for furniture and tablescaping! The simple stair banister balances the dressy with a more "relatable" feel. Nothing too ostentatious, but rather clean and elegant.

{Melanie Turner Davis}
On one side of the entry would be this large Living Area. LOVE this space. Probably my favorite living room, ever. In fact, the whole  house could probably just substitute for my dream home :) I love the softness of the space but also the contrast with light and dark. That  moody painting on above the sofa - genius. I also love the different seating areas - perfect for a large party. Of course one of my favorite tricks of the trade - matching the curtains to the walls provides a very dreamy backdrop. On the other side of the entry hall would be the Dining Room. I love Dining Rooms with four walls (perfect for wallpapering).

This Dining Room designed by Jan Showers, a vision in gray, speaks to both my traditional (table and chairs) and my modern sides (love the pair of chandeliers).

{Designer - Melanie Turner}

It's practically impossible for me to narrow down one image that reflects my dream kitchen (I am a kitchen designer after all), but I love that this kitchen has a wall of windows without sacrificing storage space. From a functional standpoint, pot fillers tend to be a waste if you don't have any where to get rid of that big, hot, boiling pot of water, but in this kitchen you could simply turn around and drain in the prep sink located in the island. I also spy a Miele Coffee Maker - one of my top picks for kitchen appliances. I also spy two Sub-Zeros - I would have one dedicated to refrigeration and the second for freezer storage. Hey,bigger is better in Texas :)

{Designer - Renea Abbott}

Great Room - I'd add creamy white built-ins on both sides of the fireplace for storage
 (and let's be honest - a TV).

{Designer - Timothy Whealon}

I'm a big believer in a calming Master Retreat. I'll use bold colors in other spaces, but I need a space where I can completely relax - that means no t.v. in the bedroom!

{Designer - Melanie Turner}

I love the feel of this Master Bathroom. I'd have an amazing steam shower and a freestanding bathtub installed on a marble mosaic tile rug.

{Designer - Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti}

AND Of course we would naturally have two closets - a his and hers. Mine would be soft gray with "x" glass mullions. AND A TEAR-DROP CHANDELIER!!!  Oh, and did i mention it would be CRAZY HUGE.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SEXI ICON Joins American Idol Tonight!!

American Idol Returns Tonight With Judges J Lo & Steven Tyler

It was announced in September last year that Jennifer Lopez and rocker Steven Tyler will be joining American Idol as judges for the 10th season of the show, and tonight we finally get to see the two new judges in action. Jennifer and Steven will be joining Randy Jackson on the panel, and the biggest noticeable absence will be Simon Cowell who has quit the show.
Tonight’s show will feature auditions in Austin, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco and East Rutherford. The rules of the show has also been altered slightly so contestants will be allowed to sell their own music as they progress to the later stages. Ryan Seacrest will return as presenter, and the show has planned many celebrity mentors who will coach the hopefuls at a later stage – including stars such as Timbaland and Alex Da Kid.
Jennifer Lopez spoke about her new role as judge:

“I think there are definitely better ways to get your point across [than being cruel], I’ve mentored on the show before, so I think people have seen that and kinda can feel how I’ll be — or maybe they’ll be surprised.”

INGLEWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Singer Jennifer Lopez appears onstage at a press conference to officially announce the season 10 'American Idol' judges panel at The Forum on September 22, 2010 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
New Americal Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has said that she won’t be a diva when it comes to her new role on the show. Reports have already said that Jennifer was making diva-like demands before the contract was even signed, but Jennifer denies this, stating at a press conference for the show:

“I’m used to it. I’m used to speculation, I wasn’t really worried about it. I was just looking forward to getting started.”

Jennifer joins Randy Jackson and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler on the judging panel.

This Season SHOULD be GOOD with JENNIFER!!

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