Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WINTER SNEAK PEAK for Banana Repbulic & Gap >>

(Banana Republic, Gap & Old Navy)

The coming HOLIDAY SEASON this year at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic will be clothing centered around cozy, indoor activities; intimate, casual at-home parties and a focus on eye-catching, but affordable gifts. At a preview for the three Gap Inc. brands on Thursday, July 16, simple winter basics – from cheerful flannel pajamas at Old Navy, to lumberjack plaid shirts and jackets at Gap and a touch of holiday party bling at Banana Republic – will be the main story at the stores come fall, when their holiday-themed products hit shelves. 


Old Navy’s holiday offerings emphasized bright, neon flannel, cozy moccasin slippers with Scandinavian-style knit patterns and thick rainbow-hued socks. AND IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU WEARING THESE!!!.......IM GONNA CALL THE POLICE ON YOU!.......CAN WE SAY OMG! Its TIME to put the kids TO BED!!.... For a casual yet dressy look, there were loose tent dresses or denim peasant dresses OK IDK WHO WANTS TO LOOK LIKE A TENT.......UM RAISE YOUR HAND!!  with embroidered bibs. 


This collection was not so horrible so PAY ATTENTION!......Gap collections for men, women and children all stayed true to that fall and winter staple of recent seasons, plaid. Flannel shirts were layered with chunky wool sweaters and scarves and winter white denim provided a counterpoint to the usual dark denim fare. Glam fleece-lined fabric covered platform boots looked well-suited to a dry disco floor, but probably wouldn’t be sufficient for tromping around the snowy sidewalks of Aspen. 


On the highest end of the Gap Inc. spectrum, Banana Republic riffed off DOWNTOWN CHIC ACCESSORIES - most retailing for UNDER $100 - like multi-strand chain necklaces, quilted fabric bib and ribbon tie necklaces, popularized in recent seasons by designers like Subversive Jewelry, Lanvin and Vera Wang. Everyday classics like cashmere sweaters could be dressed up with the OVERSIZED crystal embellishments that adorned clutch bags and ballet flats. Basic military coats were juxtaposed with statement tops in pleated or ruffled silk or with collars made from folded ribbons of felt.

                      (Check out the necklace.......LADIES)

(Pictured is a display from the Banana Republic Holiday collection in NY)

THE PERFECT SUIT (Male fashion trends for 2009-2010)

Mens FASHION TRENDS are few and far between; yes a lot of women's trends are eventually adapted to the men's market (SORRY GUYS) but if 2009 male trends will prove anything it is that CLASSICS will always rule when it comes to MENS FASHION.
Suite Trends for the Fall of 2009 - 2010

While suiting and formal-wear trends for men aren't seasonal and play out over several years, 2009 shall mark a distinct change in the direction of men's suiting. It comes down to a combination of factors but the likes of the ECONOMIC DOWNTURN, the end of the 'MANOREXIC' era, and women's 1920's and 30's revival will all play a big part. But make no mistake: it's the first and last that will be the biggest influence, as well-groomed men look for investment fashion pieces and turn to the classics for inspiration.

So what elements should you look for?

The Cut

Just because there's a move away from the 'skinny boy' suit isn't to say that the slim look is also out. Suits which seem like they barely leave you room to breath mightn't be the look going forwards but as we return to classic suiting let's not forget that the most classic suit is the English one, and that the best English suits have always had a slim, military cut to them.
Consider suits in 2009, 2010 and beyond the perfect fusion between classic tailoring, classic looks, and the modern masculine silhouette;
  • broad shoulders
  • a slim waist
  • slim trousers
Double Breasted Suits
If there's one thing I'm excited about buying in 2009 it's a modern, double-breasted suit. I only have one amongst my suit collection, and it's a Tom Ford for Gucci piece. It's adorable, but only because of the tailoring work done on it last year that took it from an American box-cut to a slim piece of perfection. And that slim cut is precisely what you should be looking for in a double-breasted suit in 2009. BROAD-SHOULDERED with a SLIM WAIST,                                                                                                                   2009's double-breasted suits trump most that current generations will be familiar with; they're no longer about hiding a plump figure but are now tailored to highlight the perfect masculine shape: the V-shaped, well worked body.

When selecting a double-breasted suit look for the "Kent" cut, named after a style popularised by the The Prince George, Duke of Kent, where a longer lapel line extends into the waist. This will convey height and, if cut correctly, a slimmer waist.

Classic Patterns in 2009

If we're returning to the classics with DOUBLE-BREASTED and THREE PIECE SUITES in 2009, then it stands to reason that we're also returning to CLASSIC CLOTH PATTERNS. Moreover, the coupling of the classics with the current men's fashion revitalisation means this is the perfect time to reintroduce patterns into your wardrobe (if you haven't done so already). 

The following are classic suit patterns perfect for 2009 and beyond.

Houndstooth SuitHoundstooth
Herringbone SuitHerringbone
Glenurquhart SuitGlenurquhart / Prince of Wales check
Pinstripe SuitPinstripe
Rope Stripe SuitRope-stripe

Those feeling even BOLDER may lean towards a CHALK-STRIPE, though it has an early naughties feel to it and I'm not yet sure whether we'll be working it in the early parts of the next decade.

Monday, August 31, 2009

5 HABITS worth getting into!

 1. Whether you are a female or male a groomed eyebrow can open up your eyes and frame your face. Tweeze a hair here or there between appointments, but see a professional at least four to six weeks to maintain. For men you obviously don’t want to tweeze to much or allow the brow stylist to thin out your brow making your face look to shaped or feminine. A good waxing or threading can get rid of that unsightly uni-brow grouch-o look. Also a little bit of shaping to the brow can open up you guys face giving a more alive appearance.  For women the arch of the eyebrow should always be at the corner of the iris and should extend to the end of the eye. Even though the thicker “Brook Sheilds” eyebrow may be vary popular you eyebrows should be shaped according to the structure and angles of your face and at best should be left up to the professionals ladies.


2. Ladies whether you bleach your brows, thread or wax get rid of any lip hair on the upper lip. A moustache is only handsome on men and even then not in all cases. For all gentlemen keep your facial hair MAN-SCAPED. Mustaches and Goetees should always be maintained around the lip area and under the chin, down the neck any unsightly growth appears to other people as a sign of LAZINESS and UNCLEANLINESS! Now when it comes to the MAN-SCAPING on other areas of the body We will discuss that at a later time.
(Ha Ha.....I thought this was funny)

        3. To all specimens of humanity, LOOFAH your skin. PLEASE. Women tend to be better at it than you guys, but it is very important. The skin replenishes daily by sloughing off its top layer which means a whole lot of dead skin on your body. If you do not properly aid in the sloughing process when you bath your body ends up looking very ashy and DRY looking which is neither attractive or healthy. You can purchase a cheap LOOFAH at any drug store or Department Beauty store. THEY ARE GREAT. It will make your skin softer and will help to maintain your skins elasticity fighting off unsightly wrinkles.
        4. Ladies and Gentlemen keep your nails manicured, always! Even if it means do-it yourself removal of all polish, filings and moisturizing. We all communicate with our hands, some more than others. Don’t create distractions with badly chipped nails. and believe me PEOPLE WILL NOTICE! Even worse (GENTLEMEN) is unloved or cared for feet- pedicure them or cover them completely. One of the biggest turn-offs for women is when they are cuddling with there men at home and the man removes his shoes and of course socks to uncover a pair of CLAWS. Take care of your feet because they will eventually be seen. For ladies the chicest nails (fingers and toes) should be trimmed at a nice length and given French or American tip or can be polished in a nude color, deep red, burgundy or clear polish. Any neon or bright colors SCREAM Im in HIGH SCHOOL or I HAVE NO TASTE!  So WHY bother!!

5.      And Last but MOST important, DRINK WATER! You'd think with all the bottle toting we do we'd be drowning in stuff. But most of us (yours truly in particular) also do plenty of coffee drinking at Star Bucks and that ZAPS!!!! dehydration. So does a night of bubbly. A good practice is to drink up to 5 tall glasses of water before night time and then 2 more before you hit the sack. Did you know that drinking water everyday (up to 8 glasses) can not only increase your energy levels but it can stop weight gain, reduce your cancer risk by 79%  but also relieve alot of your aches and pains. THINK ABOUT IT!  I  personally always start my morning with a glass of cool-not-COLD glass of water. You'll find that it starts your whole inner system. Water will also flush out all the toxins in the body throughout the day that may cause skin problems such as eczema and unsightly acne! So before you reach for the hot cup of coffee to start your day - Reach for a bottle of CLEAR fluid!  
(So I guess Jennifer Anniston and Tom Brady are the new faces for smartwater.......
I guess they will try anything to sell bottled water)

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