Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WINTER SNEAK PEAK for Banana Repbulic & Gap >>

(Banana Republic, Gap & Old Navy)

The coming HOLIDAY SEASON this year at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic will be clothing centered around cozy, indoor activities; intimate, casual at-home parties and a focus on eye-catching, but affordable gifts. At a preview for the three Gap Inc. brands on Thursday, July 16, simple winter basics – from cheerful flannel pajamas at Old Navy, to lumberjack plaid shirts and jackets at Gap and a touch of holiday party bling at Banana Republic – will be the main story at the stores come fall, when their holiday-themed products hit shelves. 


Old Navy’s holiday offerings emphasized bright, neon flannel, cozy moccasin slippers with Scandinavian-style knit patterns and thick rainbow-hued socks. AND IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU WEARING THESE!!!.......IM GONNA CALL THE POLICE ON YOU!.......CAN WE SAY OMG! Its TIME to put the kids TO BED!!.... For a casual yet dressy look, there were loose tent dresses or denim peasant dresses OK IDK WHO WANTS TO LOOK LIKE A TENT.......UM RAISE YOUR HAND!!  with embroidered bibs. 


This collection was not so horrible so PAY ATTENTION!......Gap collections for men, women and children all stayed true to that fall and winter staple of recent seasons, plaid. Flannel shirts were layered with chunky wool sweaters and scarves and winter white denim provided a counterpoint to the usual dark denim fare. Glam fleece-lined fabric covered platform boots looked well-suited to a dry disco floor, but probably wouldn’t be sufficient for tromping around the snowy sidewalks of Aspen. 


On the highest end of the Gap Inc. spectrum, Banana Republic riffed off DOWNTOWN CHIC ACCESSORIES - most retailing for UNDER $100 - like multi-strand chain necklaces, quilted fabric bib and ribbon tie necklaces, popularized in recent seasons by designers like Subversive Jewelry, Lanvin and Vera Wang. Everyday classics like cashmere sweaters could be dressed up with the OVERSIZED crystal embellishments that adorned clutch bags and ballet flats. Basic military coats were juxtaposed with statement tops in pleated or ruffled silk or with collars made from folded ribbons of felt.

                      (Check out the necklace.......LADIES)

(Pictured is a display from the Banana Republic Holiday collection in NY)

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