Saturday, November 6, 2010

SATURDAY STYLE INSPIRATION : The Infamous NATE BERKUS.....does it get any better.

Good Morning Trendsetters!! So as i am relaxing today on this beautiful Saturday I begin to reminisce on my time spent in Chicago, remembering my shopping trips down Michigan Ave., dining at some of the countries' most envied restaurants or siting in the audience at Harpo Studios watching Oprah interview one of my favorite designers NATE BERKUS!

I can honestly say that even though his designs may be over simplified and at times a little understated......He himself has quickly become one of America's most beloved TV designers.......more so because of his good looks and CHARM!......

Here are some samples of his work!!........Work IT NATE!!!!......

Love, Love Love the sofa!!!

I love his use of all white linens on the bed, especially with an EXTRAVAGANT  headboard!

Now that Oprah is retiring from her show.....which is a whole - nother topic all together......maybe Ill post a blog about it......Nate has picked up his own show....on ABC.....and from what i have seen it looks like he will be around for a long time. 






  I found a picture of him with Bravo's own Brian Atwood


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  1. You know I went to a taping of his show... front row.. I'll have to fill you in!


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