Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Good Morning Trendsetters!!
For the fashion season of the second half of 2010, Louis Vuitton and Gucci presented two collections of masculinity and style -- melted and then moulded -- into clothing worthy of your attention. SO PAY ATTENTION!!!

Fashion, to some,  LIKE ME!!!!     is the oxygen they breathe and their only reason for existence (WELL NOT REALLY) – to others, the world of “made in Italy” labels and patent leather wallets have no more relevance in their life than bag-less vacuum cleaners. Being WELL PRESENTED  in public, dressed in comfortable clothes, is all that matters to a wide public of individuals who just want to look good without dedicating excessive energy to browsing the latest magazines to read what the experts dictates.

Louis Vuitton have long been per purveyors of the classic man: Metropolitan, Sophisticated, a gentleman and one who don’t buckle onto trends. Previous runway collection have been rather mundane – comprising of pieces with a small differentiation from what is neatly folded and displayed on the shelves of the bog standard premium men’s boutique. One can almost label the collections as ready-to-wear due to their lack of spark to ignite interest in the most flammable fashion devote.

On the other side of the coin are the non-devotees seeking just what the LV AW10 menswear collection offers: Dark colours, traditional materials perhaps spiked with a few subtle touches such as a knitted lapel on a sports coat. Or what about a windbreaker in leather? That is rather innovative but not radically so to deflect shoppers who are less adventurous with their choice of attire, and only shop when suggested by their girlfriend. Tucking trousers into your socks can make it stuffy and itchy down by the ground but is a nonchalant way at displaying a pair of new jodhpurs.

Gucci’s style of clothing runs parallel of that with LV’s, but does embody more daring touches and details for added specialness – such as the scarf enriched by ruffled and invigorating print. Rich and dynamic is also the pallet of colours ranging from white and beige to deep burgundy and vivid nuances of blue.

In the accessories department is a plethora of charming overnight bags sports the classic red and green Gucci ribbon but also other variations of it. The bags can also double as daily bags to concur with the trend of man purses, preposterously dubbed `Murses`. Sewage rats will cry the day a designer releases dress for men which would appropriates earn the name ´Mess` -- which would be a rather fitting description too.

However, most of Gucci will fill their stores with during the fall-winter of 2010/2011 are handsomely cut two piece suits and a glowingly positive mixture of materials and textures: Wool, leather, suede and cotton – there is something for all tastes and personalities. Worth noting are braided leather belts and obligatory and forever-classic, Gucci loafers.

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