Thursday, November 4, 2010

FRIDAY: Stylish Friends, Sexi Drinks & food = POSH Social Gatherings


Going from dinner party to dinner party might just be a sign that you are in the south. Having the opportunity of living in many different cities I have met some fabulous people, while observing them in there different cultural settings. It wasn't until I arrived back in Atlanta that I realized how important my social life REALLY was!!!......HELLO!!......Growing up with a mother who was very much a truer representation of a "southern debutant" than any woman ive ever met other than Paula Deen.......LOL.....

Isnt she a doll!!!!........

I really grew to love all of the aspects of organizing and hosting a fabulous party.  Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than to see all of my hard work and creativity come together to create a beautiful setting for my friends and family to enjoy. Recently I was invited to a small intimate gathering at the premier property, Metropolis of Atlanta where a friend of mine (Ricardo Sosa) lives. I found it truly refreshing to see how all of his neighbors interacted. Each month a different resident of the building hosts a party, serving up sexi little hors d'oeuvres, great wine and interesting conversation. Since there is over 25 different floor plans at this community, it also gives the other residents an opportunity to view other layouts other than their own. This event was hosted by a lovely woman by the name of Barbara.

(On the Right) Barbara the Host.........Love the jewelry

Her condo was soooo chic and cozy!  It appeared to be a home right out of Domino magazine.

Love the FONDUE.


The Boys are taking over!!!
(From the Right) Tamir, Myself,  Ricardo & Michael

So as you can see......Social Season has just begun in Atlanta and I intend to ride the wave.....Come and join me IF YOU FEEL SEXI!!!.......LOL

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