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Okay! So I was looking through some of my design photos from several projects that accomplished years ago and I came across a set of these pics from a bedroom that i did for one of my dear friends during my brief stint in Chicago. Yes I also do interior decorating......and i LOVE IT!!!!  Normally I tend to over do it a little when i decorate a room. I want that ROOM TO MAKE A STATEMENT!  Bringing in Gorgeous Art, Drop Chandeliers, Silk Taffeta Draperies, Buttttttttt.... with this particular client UNDERSTATING and SIMPLIFYING everything was KEY! 

Here are some GREAT PICS of the FINISHED project.
MB 2010 (149)

MB 2010 (154)

MB 2010 (171)

MB 2010 (27)

Some interesting wall angles and the need for tonnes of storage really dictated my design for this master bedroom. Function and HER budget were high priorities so I decided to work 'pretty' around 'practical'. The neutral palette combines loads of natural texture with vintage elements for a relaxed yet fresh feel. While there are still a few additions I'm considering (bench seat, gilt mirror, another piece of art or two - oh, and my task lamps!) I'm pretty happy with how it came together. 

So, here’s the floor plan just to give you an idea of the room’s weird shape (BED 1):
Floor Plan

And here's the space before (cringe!):

2009 Bedroom (9)

2009 Bedroom (12)

Robe Before (6)

2009 Bedroom (10)

Well, that was after we already simplified the canvas by painting out the green walls and brown trim (Dulux Chalk USA on the walls, Dulux White Watsonia on the trim), replacing the dirty old carpet and removing the HIDEOUS!!! ultramarine blue curtains!

If you've been following this makeover from the beginning, aside from being incredibly patient :-), you should also recognise a fair bit of the decor.
(If you missed any or all of the lead-up posts you can catch them here where you can read about, amongst other things, how I created the massive mapmade my linen throw and cushionscame up with an attractive blackout window treatment solution and used gift wrap for wall art).

Pretty much all of the decor has been thrifted, bought on clearance or hand-made and every piece of furniture in the room is second-hand. Here it all is pre-makeup:

Bedroom Befores Collage

(To avoid a massively lengthy post I'll cover each refurb in more detail in separate posts shortly).

Now, if like me you love a good before and after you’ve come to the right place!

Wardrobe Before

MB 2010 (115)

Shoe Cabinet Before

After (aging furniture really is not that hard)
MB 2010 (49)

Commode Cupboard Before

MB 2010 (141)

Before (Found this at a flea market)
Chest of Drawers Before

After (Sanding, New Stain, New Hardware = New Piece)
MB 2010 (144)

Before (Get Rid of the God-Aweful Art)
Massive Picture Before

After ( I love to use vintage maps as Art)
MB 2010 (173)

2009 Bedroom (12) - Copy

MB 2010 (171)

And just cause I can’t help myself here are a few little detail shots too:

MB 2010 (29) MB 2010 (41)

    MB 2010 (140)     MB 2010 (87)

If you’re interested in some further info about this room makeover, including the item origins and cost breakdown, keep an eye out for some separate future posts. Or you can book a consultation with (me) Richard Tomas by logging onto

I hope you felt truly inspired to RECREATE YOUR OWN CHIC PLACE!!!
Have a great week everyone!

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