Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Edibles: Yummy, Scrumptious & Healthy TOO!!

Nutty, Fruity and DELICIOUS!..What a Sexi Snack

I recently discovered Sahale Snacks and they are AWESOME! I love to eat healty food and Sahale's stuff are basically nuts and dried fruits w/a bit of spices added (they do add some corn syrup too which is a bummer but not much of it) 

Anyway, I am way into the SOLEDAD Almonds : sweet and spicy. 
This blend has dried apples, flax seeds, dates, balsamic vinegar and red pepper.......It is soooo delicious.......
Also really digging the Sorocco macadamia and papaya snack. 
These snacks are like savory versions of Larabars (which I love but get tired of all sweet all the time) 

In any event, if you want something tasty and spicy and healthy, try these sahale snacks. They do have a lot of fat in them but I think that is good because it makes me feel full when I eat some of it and it is generally all good/healthy nut fat so your body digs it too

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