Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Design INSPIRATION: Hanging Memories

Walls are an important feature of any home. In fact, decorating a wall in different manners can give any style of home decor a unique meaning. Wall decor can be used not just to pronounce the personality of a house but to make it more beautiful and look more spacious or whatever the home dwellers intend to give impression to their guests. Here are some pictures and tips on decorating wall of your home. 

Hanging a collection of your personal photos or favorite art or both together can easily dress up a wall.

Using Different frames and shapes of period art pieces can add an eclectic FLAIR

Here you can see the OFFICE of Anna Winters (Editor and Chief of VOGUE ) 

AND on the set of Devil Wears Prada - (one of my favorite movies) with Meryl Streep as editor of Runway magazine. Check out the wall art......dont you love it! They said that they didn't copy the real life of Anna W. but who's kidding who?????

There is no uniformity to hanging the collage - Unless that is what you are going for!!!

Its all about adding your own personal touches making memories while hanging memories!
Enjoying each moment to the fullest!!

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