Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday: Photographer SPOTLIGHT Zhang Jingna - The Romance of Paris

Most of you know i am a fashion photographer, but not only a photographer.......a makeup artist, stylist and graphic designer.......Im not trying to TOOT my own horn!....I just want you to see the world through my EYES.......Ive seen alot of work from other photographers that are basic and good but when i come across something special....i want to show it off. Recently in my internet searches I came across one portfolio that really really impressed me. It belongs to one photographer born in China, studied fashion design - Zhang Jingna's.  
(click on the name to visit his website)

The movement of Paris.....This model is stunning - like a porcelain doll!

The EYES are stirring emotion. 


YOU CAN VISIT to see more of her inspiring work. 

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