Thursday, October 28, 2010

GLAM Friday's - Inspirational Beauty!

Hey Trendsetters! Now that Ive blogged a whole week on different topics that I love and items I definitely believe you should try, I thought I would relax. It is in fact Friday! Time to party!  However I did come  across these photos of Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen, which of course were inspirational and beautiful and i thought i would share them.  LUCKY YOU!!  The Photographers, Nino Munoz and Mario Sorrenti along with a team of highly skilled makeup, hair & wardrobe stylists all came together to capture the amazing presence of these two women!  We all could look that good if we only had our own personal team. RIGHT??

1940's POOLSIDE GLAM at it's BEST!
Kate Moss shot by Maria Sorrenti for Vogue Paris

Love the Bathing Suit!......

Gisele Bundchen shot by Nino Munoz

I never REALLY liked camouflage  until Gisele wore it!!

Do you FEEL INSPIRED!.........

Well Try out this GLAM Drink!.....
Have a Great Weekend!!

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