Sunday, October 24, 2010

FASHION FAUX PAS MONDAY: Attack of the Sagging Pants!

One of the fashion PHENOMENA  that continues to baffle me especially here in ATL  is the idea that walking around with the waist of your pants at your knees is somehow appealing...........Seriously?    That is to be considered fashionable?......... I fail to see the appeal in having to either widen my gait in an attempt to always have my legs far enough apart so as to not lose my trousers or having to physically hold my pants up with one hand as I walk down the street........Besides IF YOU HAVE A BUBBLE BUTT......Show it off through your JEANS not your UNDERWEAR!!!!.............LOL
saggy-pants-illustration-vl-verticalResearchers have concluded that SAGGIN' originates from the PRISON SYSTEM. Inmates were not allowed to have belts due to the possibility of them being used for suicide or violence. Thus, their pants sagged; and of all the people for the youth of our nation to model themselves after, inmates are obviously the most appropriate choice. In today’s society, children (and in some cases adults) look up to and impersonate people who have broken the law vice those who either embrace or enforce it. The fact that the HIP HOP culture has embraced saggin’ like it has, lends more credence to the claim that saggin’ is an acceptable practice.
I guess I just don’t understand the kids of today.  From wardrobe to work ethic, attitudes to actions, our country is in trouble. The people walking around with the underwear displayed as a part of their outfit might be the leaders of tomorrow. Those who cannot grasp the concept that the waist of your pants is supposed to be at your waist are the same people who are going to be making and enforcing the laws or they will be the ones breaking those laws governing the safety and conduct of the future WORLD. Am I the only one who sees this as an issue?
A message to those who “sag”Pull up your pants.
To the parents who let their children sport this style: Do you not realize that your child’s inability to properly wear their pants makes you look CRAZY. Come on People BRING THOSE PANTS UP TO CODE!!!!..........LOL..........No for real PULL EM' UP!!!

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  1. Just seeing this look makes me want to smack someone. It's just awful!!


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