Friday, April 1, 2011


Kombucha Tea MIRACLE!!

Post image for Kombucha TeaHistorically drunk for medicinal purposes and known to have healing properties, kombucha is a colony of bacteria and yeast often made into fermented tea.  Believed to have originated in Asia during the Chinese Tsin dynasty in 212 BC, Kombucha tea is sometimes referred to as miracle fungus, magical fungus, elixir of life and gout tea as it is said to perform miracles. 
The tea has been gaining popularity throughout the world and is often sold in specialty and herbal stores as well as natural food marts and mainstream supermarkets such as Whole Foods at upwards of $3 a bottle.  Popular Kombucha brands sold in most stores are Kombucha Wonder Drink, GT’s Raw Organic Kombucha and Yogi Kombucha Tea.

The process of making kombucha tea begins with the boiling of water and a sugar solution. Black or green tea is then steeped into this solution and the mixture is cooled to room temperature. The kombucha colony is then added to the mix and fermentation (the conversion of carbohydrates such as sugar into acid or alcohol) begins. Fermentation lasts about 30 days. During this period, nutrients form creating a healing tonic inclusive of probiotics (microorganisms that aid in digestion and offer protection from harmful bacteria), enzymes (help digest food), amino acids (building blocks of proteins), organic acids (nutrients that promote tissue and blood alkalinity and help normalize the process of homeostasis throughout the body) and polyphenols (antioxidants that fight off free radicals). The combination is rich in nutritive properties and a great detoxifier. Kombucha also contains the range of B vitamins that provide the body with energy, help to process fat and protein and are vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system.
Kombucha tea claims to support metabolism, digestion, appetite control, liver function, healthy skin and hair and body alkalinity. Additionally, it can improve eyesight, circulation, reduce high blood pressure, detoxify the liver, clear up skin problems, and boost energy. Brewers of the tonic recommend drinking about 16 ounces a day to adequately obtain the full health benefits. As with most things that are consumedKombucha tea drinkers should consider how the body reacts and cut down or eliminate drinking the beverage if any adverse reactions occur
Conversely, there are no scientific studies backing up the health claims of Kombucha tea, The FDA requires that commercial Kombucha retailers mark on their bottles that all health claims are currently unproven.

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