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TUESDAY DECOR INSPIRATION: The Callanwolde Mansion Christmas

Touring the Designer's Showhouse
The holiday season came to Atlanta seven years ago, but the Callanwolde mansion remained dark, many
Atlantans felt the Grinch or some other CRAZY creature had stolen Christmas.  This season, they can rejoice. Christmas at Callanwolde in all its GLORY, is back. A tradition for 27 years, Christmas at Callanwolde was a highlight of the season for many PEOPLE in the area.

 A tour of the lavishly decorated mansion, built in 1920 as the home of Charles Howard Candler, son of Coca-Cola Company founder Asa Candler, was all that was necessary to snap the grumpiest person into a holiday mood. Over 27 local designers came together this year to bring this home back to life. 

I know it's not showing up on camera but it actually snowed on Sunday when I toured the mansion, which made it all the more special for me.


Upon entering the mansion I noticed the beautiful rustic decor of the LIBRARY to the right of the FOYER. Traditional Red and Green Christmas ornamentation adorned the English Country INSPIRED ROOM!........  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

3 Cheers for the 2 designers of this particular room.

Room Designers:  Clay Snider / Clay Snider Interiors  & 
Nancy Appel / Nancy Appeal Interiors


After leaving the library, I immediately noticed the room across the foyer, which was considered to be the music room back when the house was inhabited by the Candler family. My eyes were drawn to the oversized CHANDELIER hanging over the couch........UM HELLO can I get that for my HOME! seriously!!!  It really created drama in the room, complimented only by the chinoiserie wallpaper which to my knowledge was the original wallpaper for the room. The christmas decor in the room really was the finishing touch.

Room Designer: Justin Caldwell Childers / Justin Caldwell Designs LLC.


As I walked around the corner from the main dining room I found this cute, cozy room which was in fact the official breakfast room right off of the kitchen.  The decor was simple yet elegant. The artwork selection on the wall really was the highlight of the room.

Room Designers: Ann Wisniewski & Theresa Druckenmiller  / Downsize Design


And of course I had to visit the MAIN DINING ROOM which my fabulous friend, Mr. Kerry Howard designed. His twist on design is a mixture of simple elegance, clean lines with pops of bold colors. He actually chose my favorite color and flower TIFFANY BLUE and WHITE ORCHIDS to fill the room. I could actually visualize this as my dining room........LOVE IT!......LOVE HIM!

Kerry Howard (Room Designer) & Myself


The billiard room was another favorite of mine.........well........I LOVED the WHOLE HOUSE!
The designer of this space, Ryan O'hara, definitely was not shy about his use of color......It really made a room with dark wood stained walls COME TO LIFE......And of course the GORGEOUS Rug was none other than a Moattar Rug Design.....It's funny but i guessed the designer before i even read the sign.
You can find more of these amazing rugs by visiting 
The hanging artwork is a Bobby Sikes original ( local Atlantan artist)

Room Designer:  Ryan O'hara  / Maison Couture Interiors



The nightstands and LAMPS were a FAV of mine in this room. I also found out that the proprietors of some of these beautiful antiques had actually been keeping them in attics, garages and storage spaces. I was soooo glad to see these forgotten items resurrected. 

I absolutely LOVED the Lamps used in this room. (PICTURED BELOW) They were extremely heavy due to the fact that they were made of solid crystal. Had they not been $1100 for the pair I would have totally snatched those up for my personal bedroom.

Room Designers: Joann Kandrae , Kelly Kole / Kandrae & Kole Interior Designs 


To my surprise the master bedroom was a little smaller than i had expected for a 27,000 square foot home. But the designer came through with making the room into a boudoir worthy of a prince.....or princess. The neutral color palette was a great choice for this space.


Room Designer: Cindy Davis /  Luxury Lifestyle Design


Room Designer: Kathleen Lower

What a Magical House........I hope you enjoyed the My Tour of the Callanwolde Mansion.

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