Wednesday, December 15, 2010

STYLECODE: Holiday Romance is in the AIR at TIFFANY'S


Nothing SAYS LOVE like a little Tiffany Blue Box, especially during the HOLIDAYS. Every year Tiffany & Co. puts it's best foot forward with an advertising campaign that will make you wanna run out and knock over a small bank to purchase one of their stunning pieces. The holidays are always a good time to SPARK up a ROMANCE or solidify one. I loved the photos from this year. What a WAY to sell those DIAMONDS!!

Love the IDEA of this photo......but who actually is going to sit outside in the freezing snow dressed like that to sip on coffee......LOL........IT LOOKS GREAT THOUGH!

This one (Below) was MY FAVORITE!  New York can be so romantic this time of year.

The picture (Below) EXPRESSES it all without even saying anything.......
Check out the Rock on her finger!!

And Years Later after they have enlarged there family HE still brings her to TIFFANY'S......
What a MAN

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