Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Style Inspiration: Madonna at the SuperBowl in Givenchy Couture

Madonna ROCKS out in GIVENCHY!


And we kind of love her for it – although I have always had her pegged as more of a “Jem and the Holograms” sort of gal.

What a spectacular set of stagewear this was. We always whine about her not really moving forward, but this is the kind of stuff we want to see. It feels totally Madonna, but not in a way that makes us cringe or say “Really, Madge? At your age? Isn’t it time to move on?”  This felt like her moving on. Not necessarily a bold new step or anything, just not a look that refers to underwear, crucifixes, matador’s girlfriends, or old Italian widows. She looked dramatic and unusual and still quite beautiful. If that’s not the essence of Madonna, we don’t know what is.
Besides: Givenchy Couture and vogueing AT THE FREAKING SUPERBOWL. WE LOVE YOU AGAIN, MADGE.

Check out the PERFORMANCE!

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