Saturday, September 10, 2011

Delicious Delectables: So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream REVIEW


I have been looking for a low sugar ice cream like this for over an year! I was SO thrilled to find the So Delicious DAIRY FREE Coconut Milk Ice the freezer at my local Whole Foods. It's taste can hold its own against name brand ice cream like Edy's and Ben & Jerry's ..............Yippie!

They have a pretty delicious flavor and a bit of texture, that I love and no it doest really taste like coconut. 

One 1/2 cup only has 1 gram of sugar and 17 grams of carbs as opposed to 16 grams of sugar that normal ice cream has. And get this...7 GRAMS OF FIBER! ......Cha-Ching. That gives it an S/C Value of 1/1, perfect for dessert. How does it get its sugar count so low without using artificial sweeteners? It relies on Sugar Alcohols, specifically erythritol, and stevia.

I encourage you to research sugar alcohols on your own by reading more on them. HERE is a good place to start. Please keep in mind that if you are on a low sugar diet or an this should be eaten in moderation as well.......

Turtle Mountain, the creators of So Delicious products, have a store locator on their site. But they have several different products, so you aren't guaranteed that they will have this ice cream. They also have a Fudge Bar version of the Minis with an even better S/C Value and a few other ice creams I will be reviewing later. Be sure and check each product's nutrition label and pick their NO SUGAR ADDED options.


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