Wednesday, June 29, 2011



SUMMER IS HERE once again, and so is the sexi swimwear......i just wish my BODY was still working out the kinks in the GYM!.........But for all of you guys who were ready for this season...... ready to show off all the hard work you put into sculpting those abs......These little shorts may do the trick, grabbing the attention of onlookers at your local pool or the sandy beach.  The LA based company, Timoteo recently released their swimsuits for 2011. I spent some time on their website this morning deciding which suits I would wear if i were gonna drop trow and dive in.  Here are the ones I have been able to narrow it down to:

Navy Paisley Waves: $46.00 A simpl yet bold, and sexy cut that is perfect for exercise or play! 

SPEEDSTER: $49.00 I am a huge fan of retro styles. This square cut suit, with its low rise waist and cleanly cut bottom is a perfect update to a very retro style. This style comes in four additional styles/patterns.

CONTENDER: $46.00 This is the style that I am going to have to go with. I have a complete addiction to turquoise. I especially love when turquoise is accented with white. This suit, like the previous two suits has a front pouch built in for comfort. This suit comes in two additional colors.

SUPER LOW: $38.00 This one came in a very close second for me. I love the pattern, and of course the low cut. I am a sucker for anything low cut. I am having trouble not staring at this one. This style comes in eight additional colors.

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