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DIETING TIPS: How to keep your regimen from HARMING your SKIN!

If everything that goes into your body effects your skin. Could your diet be damaging your looks?? Check out the latest diets and h0w they add to your appearance.

The Skin Skinny:
This low-carb, high-protein regimen “can be disastrous for the complexion,” says naturopathic physician Alan C. Logan. “Excessive protein can cause calcium levels to drop, and loss of bone density in the face is very aging.” Also, “the acidity of meat-based diets can upset the skin’s pH and increase its susceptibility to UV damage.”
Beauty Boost: 
Take calcium supplements, and add some fruits and vegetables. Their alkalinity will balance the acidity of the meat while also providing free-radical-fighting antioxidants.

The Skin Skinny:
A program that restricts sugar and starch while permitting healthy carbohydrates (such as whole grains like brown rice) is great for acne sufferers: Studies have shown that a low-glycemic-index diet, which highlights slow-to-digest, fiber-rich foods, can reduce breakouts. The ban on sweets is even better: “Sugar promotes inflammation and increases glycation, which damages collagen and elastin and sets the visible signs of aging in motion,” Logan says.
Beauty Boost: 
The first two-week phase of South Beach—which eliminates all sugar, most carbohydrates, fruits, and some vegetables—can be dehydrating. Keep skin plump by taking fish oil supplements and drinking plenty of water.
The Skin Skinny:
A menu of fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and beans will provide plenty of
age-fighting antioxidants, but the lack of animal protein can cause skin to lose tone. “Protein repairs and rejuvenates hair and skin,” says dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD. “A deficiency can make skin appear dry, dull, and unhealthy.”
Beauty Boost: 
“Be conscientious about including protein,” says dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. “Some good options are chickpeas, almonds, tofu, and peanut butter. I also recommend the tricolor salad approach—the more colors of 
vegetables you eat, the better.”

The Skin Skinny: 
Sticking to fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins is a slam dunk in the skin stakes. “You’re getting lots of olive oil, which has been shown to keep the epidermis hydrated and also protect against skin cancer,” Logan says. “You also get a lot of fiber—an unheralded source of antioxidants—from whole grains, while the seafood brings in essential omega and fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and acne and improve elasticity.”
Beauty Boost: 
None needed. Toast your progress with a glass of red wine—it contains the anti-aging compound resveratrol, as well as ellagic acid, “which helps skin maintain its firmness,” says Canyon Ranch nutritionist Chrissy Wellington.

The Skin Skinny: 
Foods that have been cooked at high heat (especially by frying, grilling, and baking) spark the production of inflammation-causing advanced glycation end products (known as AGEs), so forgoing the stove entirely could mean fewer wrinkles later. Plus, the nutrient-rich produce, nuts, and grains consumed on a typical raw diet can rev up circulation and give skin a healthy glow.
Beauty Boost: 
Just as with a vegan diet, protein is key. “Try as wide a variety of plant-based proteins as possible,” Logan says. Also, be sure to get essential fatty acids from such sources as flaxseed oil, and take supplements containing B vitamins (especially B12), selenium, and zinc—all of which support the skin’s protective barrier.
The Skin Skinny: 
“The skin requires essential fatty acids, which the body can’t produce on its own, to maintain hydration,” Gross says. “A low-fat diet could cause dry skin, hair loss, and brittle nails.”
Beauty Boost: 
Walnuts, kidney beans, and fish are all excellent sources of omega-3. “It’s also a good idea to boost your intake of whole grain sources like brown rice and wheat germ,” Logan says. “The outer layer of the epidermis is like a brick wall, and the ceramides contained in those foods are like the mortar that keeps the structure healthy.”


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