Thursday, October 6, 2011

ICONIC TRIBUTE: Remembering Steve Jobs / Co-Founder of APPLE


Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has died at age 56 on Wednesday October 4th 2011. Jobs was considered a creative genius and a man who during his career revolutionized not just computing but also music, media and retailing. 

Jobs, who had previously battled pancreatic cancer, stepped down as chief executive officer of Apple in August. 

A renowned control freak, Jobs saw Apple develop some of the most innovative technology products of modern times, beginning with the Mac computer. Jobs is also credited with developing the iPod, which created a new way to listen to music digitally, and the iPhone, which revolutionized the smartphone industry. His latest innovation, the iPad, quickly became the bestselling tablet and is seen as a major potential revenue generator for magazine publishers as they sell digital versions of their publications.

Jobs also bought The Graphics Group, which went on to become Pixar and became a major force in animated films with productions like "Toy Story" and "Up."  


As for retailing, Jobs backed the development of stores of 2,500 square feet and more that were simply a few tables containing all of Apple's small — but beautifully designed — product offerings and allowed customers to sit and "play" with them for as long as they wished. The emphasis was on customer service and the stores became among the most productive in retailing with sales of over $2,500 a square foot. Thank you steve from all of us "MAC LOVERS" for helping to create such an AMAZING PRODUCT. You will be greatly missed.

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